Art Basel

16 - 19 June 2022

16-19 June 2022
Hall 2.0  Booth E10 

Alan Charlton  Riccardo De Marchi  Philippe Decrauzat  Mario Nigro
Pino Pinelli  Arcangelo Sassolino  Niele Toroni  Günter Umberg

At Art Basel 2022, A arte Invernizzi gallery presents an exhibition project that span three generations of Italian and international artists, creating a face-to-face dialogue between the works, in which each one forms the node of a network of potential relationships between them and the viewer.

The central wall is devoted to works from the 1950s by Mario Nigro, who passed away thirty years ago. In these paintings, Nigro was moving towards a more dynamic and penetrating approach to perception. The diagonals are accentuated to the point that they create a tension between space and form, with the planes overlapping in simultaneous contrast. The works on display were fundamental for Nigro’s subsequent artistic research, as they are also for understanding the evolution of the artistic studies that wound their way through later generations of artists such as Alan Charlton, Pino Pinelli, Niele Toroni and Günter Umberg.

Alan Charlton’s ever-changing greys are characteristic of his works, in which the relationship between individual and plural constantly redefines the intimate spatial qualities of the work in its relationship with the viewer. Pino Pinelli’s work appears as a continuous investigation of the statutes and meaning of creating a painting. Niele Toroni, replicating the rhythm of individual imprints of a no. 50 brush set 30 cm apart, points to a possible way through an elementary, psychic relationship with the world, while probing its space to discover its essence. Günter Umberg works on density and concentration by creating his surfaces using complex combinations of pigments and resin spread on wooden surfaces. This generates a concentration of energy, absorbing light and combine in both the eyes and the body of the viewer.

Artists such as Philippe Decrauzat, Riccardo De Marchi, and Arcangelo Sassolino enter into a dialogue with these voices. At the heart of Philippe Decrauzat’s work is the complex relationship with the highly diverse plurality of the contemporary iconosphere, which he appropriates by reinventing it through new codes. In the art of Riccardo De Marchi, who works on the physical aspect of the trace, the image is in the form of hole and absence, but also of intensity and presence. One of the fundamental principles in Arcangelo Sassolino’s work is the material that gives shape to the space; his creations are a tangible manifestation of the latent energies within the materials, which appears at the height of its physical and psychic charge and in their interrelationships.