Arte Fiera - Playlist

21-24 January 2021

21-24 january 2021

A arte Invernizzi presents at Arte Fiera Playlist the group exhibition On the Edge now on show in our gallery.
“After the exhibition Close Up in 2016, which examined aspects of closeness and intimacy of vision, the meditations on small-format works continues here, highlighting another crucial aspect, which is that of their extreme, liminal intensity and bodily materiality.
The exhibition offers us an experience of the encounter with the work of art as an intimate, proximate event, taking us to the very limits of the sensible world, to see beyond the boundaries of our conscious knowledge.
We are given a tangible sense of the constant transformation of the image as a living body, not just in terms of its material form but also in its ramifications and in its flights of meaning. In the evolution of a reality that understands all, that is sensed and sentient, the work captures us on the borderline between the experienced and the unknown. It gives us a sense of the limits of our understanding and the evolution of life as mutually indissoluble entities, bringing our ever-renewed existence into focus. We thus find ourselves in the midst of these images, which are like places of the mind: a constellation of metaphysical entities on the ridge that separates life from death, the striving for knowledge from a truth of an unattainable absolute that, on the threshold of existence, allows us to perceive the correspondence between the individual and the cosmos." (Francesca Pola)

A bilingual catalogue of the exhibition has been published with an introductory text by Francesca Pola, contributions from Giuseppe Cristian Bonanomi, Angela Faravelli, Daria Ghirardini and Davide Mogetta, with reproductions of the works on display.

EXHIBITED ARTISTS: Rodolfo Aricò, Gianni Asdrubali, Francesco Candeloro, Nicola Carrino, Alan Charlton, Carlo Ciussi, Gianni Colombo, Dadamaino, Philippe Decrauzat, Riccardo De Marchi, Piero Dorazio, Lesley Foxcroft, Igino Legnaghi, François Morellet, Mario Nigro, Pino Pinelli, Bruno Querci, Ulrich Rückriem, Angelo Savelli, Salvatore Scarpitta, Nelio Sonego, Mauro Staccioli, Niele Toroni, David Tremlett, Günter Umberg, Grazia Varisco, Elisabeth Vary, Michel Verjux, Rudi Wach