Dadamaino | Villa Pisani Bonetti

Villa Pisani Bonetti, Bagnolo di Lonigo
6 April - 9 June 2024

OPENING 6 APRIL 2024  5.30 P.M.

Via Risaie 1 36045 Bagnolo di Lonigo (Vicenza)

On Saturday 6 April 2024, Villa Pisani Bonetti opens the solo show Dadamaino. Give Time to Space, curated by Bruno Corà, in which works from the 1980s and the 1990s, chosen to dialogue with this youthful architectural masterpiece by Andrea Palladio, are presented: an extraordinary place that, in its purposeful relationship with its historical identity open to confrontation with contemporary creativity, introduces unprecedented forms of experience for the visitor.
On the occasion of this exhibition, an exoeditorial booklet entitled "Evocative Homage to a Memorable Fall" by Bruno Corà will also be published, recounting a biographical episode of the author that occurred in the places where Villa Pisani Bonetti stands.

Dadamaino (Milano 1930 - 2004), a protagonist of Italian and international art since the late 1950s, has turned her attention to the happenings of life in an incessant and ever-renewed reflection on existence in continuous transformation, in the impossibility of fully understanding its true meaning and significance. From the earliest "Volumi," where space, interpreted as an active field, is explored in its concreteness through wide openings on the canvas, through the "Volumi a moduli sfasati", with a multiplication and progression of openings, the artist has gradually shifted her attention to the sign with the works of the cycles "Inconscio razionale", "L’Alfabeto della mente", “Costellazioni" up to the latest series "Passo dopo passo", "Il movimento delle cose" and "Sein und Zeit". The fragmentary and discontinuous traces and signs, which have characterized her artistic research since the mid-1970s, create infinite paths that manifest themselves in the moment of visual experience and invite to a reflection on their possible development, synonymous with the continuous indecipherable future of reality. The exhibition is an opportunity to closely experience and deepen the internal dynamics of Dadamaino's work, characterized by continuity and unity, by the relationship between gesture and time in its endless flow.

The large central hall on the main floor of Villa Pisani Bonetti will display three works from the series "Sein und Zeit" (1989) in which the surfaces, freed from the support of the frame, are traversed by a multitude of signs arranged according to concentrations and ramifications that recall the happenings of life, in dialogue with three works belonging to the cycle "I fatti della vita" (1980) where the surface is fragmented by sequences of traces that become pure energy of existence.
The continuous movements and changes of direction that characterize these works can also be found in other works from the cycles "Sein und Zeit" (1998) and "Il movimento delle cose (La malattia)" (1994), exhibited in the cellars together with two works from the series "Passo dopo passo" (1989) in which more intense zones are perceived on the polyester surface, where signs converge and thicken until they form a single agglomerate that generates paths, curves and spirals.

The monograph retraces Dadamaino’s artistic career from the late 1950s to 2000, with reproductions of the works on display, an introductory essay by Bruno Corà and an updated bio-bibliography.

EXHIBITION: Dadamaino. Give Time to Space
CURATED BY: Bruno Corà
OPENING: Saturday 6 April 2024  5.30 p.m.
EXHIBITION PERIOD: 6 April - 9 June 2024
LOCATION: Villa Pisani Bonetti, Via Risaie 1, Bagnolo di Lonigo (Vicenza)
ORGANIZATION: Associazione Culturale Villa Pisani Contemporary Art in collaboration with A arte Invernizzi, Milano
OPENING HOURS: from Monday to Friday 9 a.m. - 12 p.m.  3 - 5 p.m., Saturday and Sunday 10 a.m. - 12 p.m.
MONOGRAPH: bilingual, curated by Bruno Corà

EXOEDITORIAL PUBLICATION: Bruno Corà, Evocative Homage to a Memorable Fall