Immaginaria. Logiche d'arte in Italia dal 1949

Palazzo Montani Leoni, Terni
20 December 2019 - 1 March 2020

Immaginaria. Logiche d’arte in Italia dal 1949
Fondazione Carit - Palazzo Montani Leoni, Terni

20 December 2019 - 1 March 2020

The exhibition, curated by Bruno Corà, proposes a reflection on the most vivid artistic experiences in Italy from the second post war period to the so-called “postmodern condition”, the informatic era and the beginning of globalization.
Bruno Corà declares that the exhibition aims to “highlight the contribution of the individual logics implemented with their works by those artistic personalities who have distinguished themselves in some noteworthy moments in the development of the visual culture in Italy.
Without suppose - of course - to be able to fully reflects the complex artistic fabric generated in our country over the course of over half a century, but proceeding in an exemplary way, mostly showing individual linguistic pronouncements characteristic of likewise poetics.
Immaginaria will propose a careful recognition of artistics groups belonging to shared aesthetic routes or movements. To present the relevant pictorial and plastic productions that in the second half of the XX century stood out themselves at national and international level, at the same time indicating their opening to the visual cultures of other countries”.

Fondazione Carit
Palazzo Montani Leoni
Corso Cornelio Tacito, 49
05100 Terni

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