2022.12.01 | 2023.02.15

Alan Charlton

The A arte Invernizzi gallery opened a solo exhibition of works by Alan Charlton on Thursday 1 December 2022.
Charlton has been creating monochrome works since 1969 and the only colour he uses is grey. His works are a radical zero-resetting of all expressive traits as well as an investigation into the huge potential of monochromes through the use of light. His works interact with their settings, and are thus subject to continuous changes brought about by modulations in the lighting.

On this occasion, the English artist has created an exhibition that gives rise to a dialogue between the two floors of the gallery, with recent works linked to those that were shown in his last solo exhibition in 2018.
The works are characterised by a trapezoidal shape consisting of three elements, with combinatorial relations of surfaces painted with three different tones of grey.
Two works, Trapezium in 3 Parts with 2 Greys and Trapezium in 3 Parts with 3 Greys display both a repetition and a constant variation of the monochrome element, in a composition of different alternating variables.

In the second room on the upper floor, there are collage designs of the works on show, in which the proportions and tones reflect those of the works, and yet the phenomenal and experiential outcome is of a completely different nature, as the sculptural and germinal materialisation of the idea.

“Those who follow and know Alan Charlton’s art will find that Trapezium Paintings offers clear confirmation of what he has long been developing in his artistic research. And they cannot but appreciate the progress he has made: in ever-new manners, they will find both the absolute sense of the geometry of his forms and his relentless ability never to abandon the formal, mathematical/proportional, volumetric and modular canons on which his work is based. They will appreciate his unwavering confidence in consistent variations of rhythm and perception, which has always been a feature of his art. On the other hand, Trapezium Paintings offers those who observe the artist’s work for the first time a perfect opportunity to plunge right into his all-encompassing vision [...] in search of absolute purity.” (Francesco Castellani)

The exhibition has been accompanied by a bilingual catalogue with a text by Francesco Castellani, reproductions of the works on display, and an updated bio-bibliographic section.