2023.05.11 | 2023.07.19

Philippe Decrauzat

The A arte Invernizzi gallery opened the exhibition Feedback Loop by Philippe Decrauzat on Thursday 11 May 2023., the first solo show dedicated to the artist in the gallery. From the late 1990s, undermining the field of abstraction, the artist intends to push perception beyond the boundaries of image and through his research aims at establishing a dialogue with the viewer and stimulating the public’s gaze.

On the first floor of the exhibition the series of painting “Still (Times Stand)” will be presented, that appropriates the principle of the ‘shaped canvas’ to describe an ambiguous motif, the Maltese cross. Freely interpreted, this deductive structure offers a range of pictorial variations based on a combination of tints made from gesso and different tones of white paint.
Yet the Maltese cross is also the name for the cinematic device that permits the introduction of a pause in the continuous movement of the film, making it possible to project one photogram after another.
The canvases that compose “Still (Times Stand)” thus capture a moment of delay in the passage from the fixed to the continuous.

In the lower space, the paintings from the series “Feedback Loop” will be presented: they develop and share, each time, a white line on a black or color background describing a trajectory. The materiality of the frame and the shadows produced are in the centre of the painting and they record a space while exposing their interior. The gaze is constrained, it carries out this reading, caught in a feedback loop, without end, between the solids and the voids. An optical relationship that is a proposal, that for the eye to travel across a surface cut to the extreme, a kind of travelling that summons a history of forms derived from the body; labyrinths, spirals, ornaments...

The exhibition has been accompanied by a bilingual catalogue with an essay by Giorgio Verzotti, reproductions of the works on display, and an updated bio-bibliographic section.