Research and Development

The A arte Invernizzi gallery carries out an activity of research, development and enhancement of the artistic and cultural heritage, which is realized through the creation of solo and group exhibitions, catalogues and monographs of the artists it represents and the protection, research and innovative enhancement of the historical-artistic heritage consisting of their works and the archival and bio-bibliographical documentation that constitutes their context, through channels of both physical and digital nature.
The gallery engages in these activities in three distinct areas: the management and curation of the estates of Mario Nigro (1917-1992), Rodolfo Aricò (1930-2002) and Carlo Ciussi (1930-2012), the participation in projects with innovative formats, such as the Museo d’Arte Contemporanea all’Aperto di Morterone and “Arte Contemporanea a Villa Pisani” at Villa Pisani Bonetti in Bagnolo di Lonigo, and the collaboration with museums and public and private institutions in Italy and abroad.

In representing the artists’ estates, the gallery is not only concerned with the protection and enhancement of the artists’ artistic work, but is also engaged in research and digitization of archival material.

The collaboration with the Associazione Culturale Amici di Morterone and the related project of the Museo d’Arte Contemporanea all’Aperto di Morterone include not only the installation of works outdoors and inside the Casa dell’Arte, but also the creation of exhibitions and catalogues aimed at enhancing the cultural activity of the Associatione itself, which since 1986 has been committed to translating into active doing the poetic-philosophical conception of Natura Naturans of the poet Carlo Invernizzi. This vision places at the center of its reflections man, in his relationship with what surrounds him, and his ability to perceive and feel what is around him not as something extraneous or accessory, but as an integral part of the becoming vital.

Since 2007 the gallery has been collaborating with the Associazione Culturale Villa Pisani Contemporary Art in the realization of artistic projects (exhibitions and catalogues) specifically conceived for the spaces of Villa Pisani Bonetti in Bagnolo di Lonigo, designed by Andrea Palladio starting from 1541 and built between 1544 and 1545. The projects are aimed at enriching an extraordinary place that, in its purposeful relationship with its historical identity open to confrontation with contemporary creativity, introduces unprecedented forms of experience for the visitor.

Finally, the gallery is invited by Italian and foreign museums and institutions to participate in the creation of exhibitions and catalogues, through promotion of unpublished studies and research, coordination and loan of works.

Exemplary of this activity are the exhibitions held at the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice, the Kunstmuseum in Bochum, the Fondazione Ghisla Art Collection in Locarno, the Galleria Harry Bertoia in Pordenone, the Museo del Novecento in Milano, the Kunstsammlungen in Chemnitz, the Institut Mathildenhöhe in Darmstadt, the Fondazione Ragghianti in Lucca, the CaMusAC - Museo d’arte contemporanea in Cassino, the Galleria d’Arte Sacra dei Contemporanei di Villa Clerici in Milano, the Couvent de La Tourette in Éveux-l’Arbresle, the Neuer Kunstverein in Aschaffenburg, Casa Cavazzini in Udine, Palazzo Isimbardi in Milano, all accompanied by publications that go beyond mere documentation of the event and are instead intended to promote innovative research and studies on the art research presented.

You can get more information about the publications produced over the years for our research activities in the “Publications” section of our website.

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